Technical Specifications
Chassis Construction 2” Steel tube powder coated with high grade polyester gloss black. A.V.D. 'Swivelogic™' Articulation System allowing 8” independent vertical wheel movement between axles.
Steering Akerman Type centre point steering gear. Under seat handle bars steering via 3 double crown caged bearing headsets, nylon trackrods and adjustable spherical rod end joints.
Transmission Sram Spectro S 7 Hub gear, specially adapted to take twin sprockets. 7 speed epicyclic gears driving through A.V.D. ‘ Tractionmaster™’ roller clutch differential.
Wheel Size 16 x 1.35 Steel Rim fitted with Vredestein 2¼” .16 S.T.T. Tyres [or equivalent] . 12 Gauge plain spokes.
Braking System SRAM/ Acelo Alloy shelled 70mm drum brakes fitted front and rear (hydraulic).
Length Adjustment Aluminium front boom sliding through copper sleeve giving 6” of adjustment. Automatic chain adjustment via tensioner.
Lighting System [optional] A.V.D. ‘Nocturna II ™’ total loss 12v lighting system incorporating turn signals, running lights and hazard warning lights. Microprocessor controlled .
Motor System [optional] Two different types available
12V ‘Lynch™’ Pancake type motor, driving through A.V.D. ‘Torquemaster™’ combined differential and sprag clutch unit allowing pedal only, pedal + motor or motor only operation. Curtis control systems powered by Optima semi-traction batteries.
36V shrunk-on-disc rotor, 250 W, allowing only pedal + motor, powered by 3 lead-gel batteries.
Body Options A variety of body options can be fitted, mounted on robust box section steel subframes. The ‘Taxi’ and ‘Van’ options are made from high quality G.R.P. laminate with self coloured gel coat in a wide variety of colour options. Matching wheel discs, driver fairings and fenders are available. These bodies feature integral moulded running lights and various accessories to suit a wide range of applications.
Payload The Taxi in non electric specification has a payload of approx 190kg, an electric Taxi has a slightly reduced payload of 160kg. The Van can exceed each of these figures by 10kg. The Van has a cubic capacity of 1.2 sq metres. (1,2)

Quadricycle Price List       Sept 2009

 Stablemate*  € 3795 +vat
 Taxi*  € 5700 +vat
 Van "Cargo"*  € 5780 +vat
 MessageBike*  € 4790 +vat

*All the AVD/Work-Bikes range of quadricycles share the same basic chassis, 7-speed gearbox, and differential. Certain detail changes occur to allow the fitting of different body styles.

Options List

  Vehicle Type
Van "Cargo"
Message Bike  
Rechargeable 12v Lighting Kit incl. Indicators, Battery & Charger * * * * € 390
Rechargeable 12v Lighting Kit including Battery and Charger
* € 175
Passenger Rain-Hood


€ 420
Passenger Spray Screen


€ 225
New Fiber Glass Hard Top

€ 720
Driver Fairing * * * * € 295
Rear-View Mirrors, Pair
* € 38
Hub Caps
* each € 24
36V 250W Hub Motor Heinzmann
* € 990
36V Batteries and Charger for Heinzmann
* € 460
Mounting for Motor/Battery Heinzmann

* € 365
48V 750W Hub Motor Kasbauer * * * € 1280
48V 650W Gear Motor Kasbauer * * *
€ 1690
48V Batteries and Charger for Kasbauer * * *
on request
Standard Colour: Body white, Frame black Special Laquer Finish: on request

Our prices are quoted ex works and zero rated for VAT. With payment exclusive of VAT is an International Sales Tax Identification Number obligatory.